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Falling Leaf

This song is by Slap Madcap and appears on the album Grandpa Loves It (2003).

I wouldn't tell her I'm up the creek
She'll just drag me along
And here I stand
Kicking myself

Pull out your life timeline
Point out what's eating you
I'm out there
Kicking myself

So I fell out again
Will you let me stand on these stairs?
My last chance to get in
So you'd let me slip away
Would you drag my face through the mud?
So easily, soon

Trapped and caught in a tight spot
Forced to keep my hands inside
How I have tried
To improve my thick skull

Now I'm left to get off this way
She'll try to keep me off the streets
I'm on my way
Improving myself

So you wonder 'bout my friend
Would you solve my riddles?
I don't manage
What will happen when I suddenly shouldn't care?
Too much to hold on to
Still nothing to rely on

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