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Just Like Today

This song is by Slap Buddy Shoes.

When I first met you, you were so happy and free from strife.
High on life is what they called you as you kept on dancin' into the night.
Now things have got you down, you're sick and tired of this small town.
You're world is black 'n' blue, I am so lonely without you.

Sometimes you feel like you've got to get away.
Sometimes like those sometimes on a day just like today.
All your dreams have gone up in smoke.
Sit quietly and listen to the voice of hope.

On a day just like today
You realize that your life may be slippin' away.
Oh on a day just like today
Is it worth the price you'll pay?

Sittin' on your couch doin' nothing but wastin' time.
Messin' around, just waiting for a sign.
You promised me that you would never let life go.
What ever happened to the girl I used to know?

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