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This song is by Slaid Cleaves and appears on the album Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away... (2009).

Fall down on your knees
Hear the whisper through the trees
No one's come to save you
Let fade the little lies
The sentimental cries
Behold what nature gave you
All you see
Every love and every dream
As the morning dew will turn to steam
Battered by the years
We'll quit this vale of tears
And leave the world to turn
The voice of midnight comes
And spoken on its tongue:
Man's infinite concern
All you see
Every joy and every sting
As the blooming of the rose in spring
Live well and learn to die
Soon in the dust you'll lie
With everything you know
Cruel death will not spare
The wise, the young or fair
Let us drain this cup of woe
All you see
Every thing and every friend
A love you thought would never end
Every love and every dream
And every joy and every sting
The lullaby your mother would sing

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