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Hometown USA

This song is by Slaid Cleaves and appears on the album Still Fighting the War (2013).

It's closing time tonight in Harlan
Set the alarm, turn out the lights
Not a soul out on the sidewalk
As she steps into the night

Across the parking lot she fumbles
In her handbag for the keys
Another long day of "thank you's,
Yes, ma'am's" and "May I help you please"

Sure didn't turn out like she planned
She thought she'd be a star by now
Dodging paparazzi cameras
But she's in Harlan still somehow

What happened to the leading lady
Living her life upon the stage
Still only working as an extra
In a film called "Hometown, USA"

Now somewhere south of town on 40
A Greyhound bus rolls through the night
Staring out a greasy window
He keeps searching the lights

No choice but head back home to Harlan
When foreclosure shut him down

And after all that he had worked for
Just to end up right back in your hometown

What happened to the "Ride 'em cowboy"
Living his life out on the range
He's just another hired hand now
In a film called "Hometown, USA"

Now they don't know their fate is turning
They're drifting closer in the dark
And as he steps in for a quick one
She's already at the bar

Tonight her lines will come so natural
And he'll tell tales of trails he rode
They'll fall in love beneath the neon
Tonight they're gonna steal the show

Sure didn't turn out like they planned
But now they've found their own true way
It's not the big break that they dreamed of
But you know they're gonna be okay
It's not a bad part after all now
In a film called "Hometown, USA"


Written by:

Slaid Cleaves, Jeff Elliott and Mike Morgan

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