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Trouble Tambourine

This song is by Slackstring.

Please grant my last request
I really must confess
I'm only in this mess
Because of Tambourine
She was the girl I knew
Sweet as the morning dew
In me she turned the screw
And turned me loose
We were so wild and proud
Always caught hanging out
One night we'd bring the town
On that crazy juice
We tasted every sin
Till the law came crashing in
Now I'm doing 9 - 10
In the county pen

She was a wild gal
With that hemp hanging down
She took away my frown
And made me sing the blues
I was an honest man
Until I met trouble tam
She told me everything
I told the tambourine

Mr. Jailer
Won't you set me free
I'm only guilty
Of loving Tambourine
And if I ever do
See blue skies someday
I'm gonna hestitate
To do it all again

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