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This song is by Slaï and appears on the album Slai (2002).

Intro:Girl, since the day you met girl.I feel so good (x2) So why don't you just listen to me.I've got so many thinks to tell you, so many thinks.Listen

1er couplet
The day drimming about you girl I realise, you are the one for me and I want you to be mine.
You're so precious to me girl I can resist.
Everytime I feel tremble in my heart

Why don't tou are my love
Why don't you never give me call
Everytime I mave you girl
You're the make me lose control
Why don't you are my love
Why don't you never give me call
In my dream enough you girl
You're the one an I adore

My life is better since the day I met you
Something for look at me and listen to my heart
Everything you do since so right to me girl
I'm ready to do to make me feel oh right

I'm broken heart and I just tremble part himself

S:Don't be afraid girl and how I do is your think

Walking around with you but time watch with you

S:Just look at me girl don't you see the lord deep in my heart

Srange call
I feel so good

So come with me I want you feel your body
Than touch me I want you feel your body

Tell me what you feel to say
What you feel to me
What you feel for me
I like the way you move your body your

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