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Saga Of Immortal Heroes

This song is by Skythrone and appears on the album Saga Of Immortal Heroes (1995).

Cript of Ice is breaking Flame of Fire! Church of
Christ is burning destroy forever Blood of Fire
Swallowed in Black... Red Horse of
Armageddon! It's a Saga of Immortal Heroes...
It's a Saga of Immortal Soul... It's a Saga of
Immortal Snows... Paganism is wan! Between
The Light and the Dark... Between the Summer
And the Winter... You, Hero of North, Wolf of
Polar Snows, Ice Emperor... You, King of the
Woods, Lord of Fire... Son of the Sun, Son of
White God! Arian! All they - Immortal Heroes!
You Christ is Nothing! God of Arian is wan! My
Arian Rage against you, rascal Christ!

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