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Running Through The White Gallery

This song is by Skythrone and appears on the album Saga Of Immortal Heroes (1995).

I am running throw your White Galleries.
Kingdom of Ice and Polar Night. Millions of
White Doors are lead us to Nowhere.
Everlasting truth and eternal Order set in your
Mind, the Lady of Ice Castle.
Cold of Ice Doors swallowed in your heart scar-
Lett passion. Running through the white Gallery,
Through Midnight. In the Kingdom of dark
Stranger faces beyond other side. Millions of
Black Ice mirrors, like evil Fate. But I will find
You between them... Polar bears are leads me
To you. White wolves run forward of me. Winter
Winds are howling between Snow Towers. Along
White galleries, through the millions of doors.
I am breaking these doors, White Ice Doors.
Behind of them you're hiding your scarlett passion.