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Prayer Of Warriors

This song is by Skythrone and appears on the album Saga Of Immortal Heroes (1995).

(Warning - typed as heard, errors possible!)
(Originally not included in lyrics)

Oh, Yarila, help me fly to your
Skythrone in the Heaven empire.
Rhugevit, Rhudogast, Sventovit!
Give me your force!
Oh, Yarila, open your power for me!
Oh, Lucifer, Satanail you and else!
Eyes are for us, all White Gods!
Perun, Svarog... Oden, Yarila and Toyl (???)
All together, all brothers, help me friends,
With joice (?) other.
Oh, Lucifer, Satanail you and other gods
Are protector and defender
For White People, White Power
We are together, we are together, we are
Together for White Power!

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