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Cloudberry Rainbow

This song is by Skythrone and appears on the album Saga Of Immortal Heroes (1995).

Snowdreams, Snowdreams, it's my Destiny.
Snowdreams, it's my Life. Snowdreams, it's
My World. Snowdreams... Vision from
Eclipse... Ice Wind of the Night from Hyper
Borea... Like Wings of the Fate and Oblivion...
Voices from beyond of the Darkside... The
Eyes of the Shadows inside. Vision from
Eclipse of Godless. Vision from the snow of
Soulless. Bur I can see you! My alter Future! I
Am the Lord of Northland! Immortal! I see my
Alter Past! Hero of Snows! Ice Emperor!
Immortal! Flesh of Time covers Face of the
Forgotten for us... Moon dust on the surface
Of our Mind. Only I remember everything... In
My sleep, in my dreams... My Way, my Arian
World, my Dark Throne! I am golden - haired
God, Emperor of Grey Clouds, Immortal! old
And New Hero! Eternal reincarnation and trans-
Formation! Eternal Way of Hero!

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