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One Heaven

This song is by Skyline.

We bring the message that you really gotta know for sure
Spread it around like life in freedom
There's no difference between you nad me, I believe
I hope you have heard something about equality
It doesn't matter what's the colour of your skin
But what you carry inside, we are most interested in
Wisdom beside knowledge is a fundamental thing
And our deep souls still fire burning

You gotta educate yourselves that always gives you power
To defeat all the foolish and hypocrite liars
You gotta fight against that nonsense ignorance
Try to build societz in tolerance
You know what side you belong to
Support humanity, like we do
Know your enemies, try to find da truth
Read between da lines, don't be a fool

The colour problem
Got under human skin
Take off your brown shirt
We don't support this scene

Clear your mind
Heal your heart
Clear your mind
Now's the time

Clear your mind, heal your heart, it's about time
Thinking 'bout da situation all around
Where is da truth, are you good?is that enough?
Is there anything you can change about your way of life?

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