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Soul Of The Warrior

This song is by Skylark and appears on the album Divine Gates Part III: The Last Gate (2007).

In a sweet world
I fight just for finding your hand
In your sweet mind
I don't know what's left to understand
Take me away now
I know we can still find a way
Take my pain now
I know I will never forget

Into this night I will fight for the answers
Invisible knight of fire
Riding the symbol, a magic adventure
With pleasure, sweet pain and my heart

Take my hand tonight
My warrior
Show me when you cry
With my sorrow
Eternal fight is the only solution we don't find the meaning of love

In this sweet world
My warrior you're fighting tonight
In your sweet mind
I know now the way to go there
Take me away now
Please save me from sorrow and pain
Take my pain now
I know I will never regret

Come to me, save my soul

Take my soul tonight

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