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All Is Wrong

This song is by Skylark and appears on the album Divine Gates Part III: The Last Gate (2007).

I thought it was different, I thought it was mine.
I thought it was Fire, I think I was blind.
The Sky that surrounds us is turning to Gray.
We've wasted our time, there is no mistake.

Sometimes Wrong
Deep inside my evil thoughts
Something wrong
All around the Holy Cross
Yes so Wrong
Yes, so wrong and my soul can't bear too long
All is Wrong.

This is the Gate of nowhere, it's not a way to follow.
It's not a door to erase our pain.
This is the end of feelings, these are the evil ceilings.
And we won't travel back this path.

Take away, my wounded Soul
'Cause behind the curtain falls.
Once again... hope!

That Something grabs our life
Something still inside, stronger than our Love.
Something for the Pain, everlasting blame, try to stop our fall,
But All is Wrong.

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