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A Story Not To Tell

This song is by Skylark and appears on the album Divine Gates Part III: The Last Gate (2007).

Emptiness inside myself, fear comes from the heart.
Freezing winds are blowing from the North.
Hatred all around us now, pain is everywhere,
A decade of hopes is swept away.

Take my hand close your eyes and take my hand.
Try to smile if you can, don't give up on this end,
Jump forward, explore your fantasy, nothing more for me.

Fight until the end of time, was the bravest choice,
But we've lost our Faith, our energy.
Now the only thing to do is to fly away,
And forget the Mission we can't take.

Scan my soul, clear your mind scan your soul,
Look inside what is wrong, wicked sign now has done,
We have played a story not to tell,
This is our Farewell.

Try to forget the whole battle, this is the time when we lock the Gates.
I'll hide their Keys or destroy them, no one will make this mistake again.

This was a story not to tell!

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