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The Horizon & The Storm (1995)Edit

Skylark - The Horizon & The Storm
The Horizon & The Storm
  1. The Horizon (Piano Intro)
  2. Fear Of The Moon
  3. Little Girl
  4. Skylark / Crystal Lake
  5. A Star In The Universe
  6. Escape From The Dark
  7. The Storm

Waiting for the Princess (1996)Edit

Waiting for the Princess
Waiting for the Princess
  1. Tribute to W.A. Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K525 - Allegro
  2. Skylark (Edit Version)
  3. Was Called Empire
  4. Albatros on Sea

Dragon's Secrets (1997)Edit

Skylark - Dragon's Secrets
Dragon's Secrets
  1. The Temple
  2. Creature Of The Devil
  3. The Answers
  4. Skylark
  5. Waiting For The Princess
  6. Light
  7. Princess Of The Snow
  8. Dragon's Secrets

Divine Gates Part I: Gate of Hell (1999)Edit

Skylark - Divine Gates Part I- Gate of Hell
Divine Gates Part I: Gate of Hell
  1. Intro
  2. Welcome
  3. The Triumph
  4. Belzebù
  5. The Last Question
  6. Earthquake
  7. I Can't Find Love Tonight
  8. Satan Arise
  9. Why Did You Kill The Princess
  10. Lift For The Sky
  11. Dance Of Stars

Divine Gates Part II: Gate of Heaven (2000)Edit

Skylark - Divine Gates Part II- Gate of Heaven
Divine Gates Part II: Gate of Heaven
  1. Among The Clouds
  2. Who Is God?
  3. Lady Of The Sky
  4. Monday 13 October
  5. Insanity Is The Truth
  6. The Guardian Angel
  7. The Heaven Church
  8. Last Christmas In Hell
  9. Outro

The Princess' Day (2001)Edit

Skylark - The Princess' Day
The Princess' Day
  1. The Princess' Day
  2. I Will Cry Tonight
  3. Journey Through The Fire
  4. Another Life
  5. Hope (Intro)
  6. Rufus (Part 1)
  7. Symbol Of Freedom (Part 2)
  8. The Tragedy
  9. White Warrior
    Bonus tracks:
  10. Princess of the Snow (Orchestral Version)
  11. Sleep

Wings (2004)Edit

Skylark - Wings
  1. Rainbow In The Dark
  2. Summer Of 2001
  3. Another Reason To Believe
  4. Belzebù 2
  5. Faded Fantasy
  6. Last Ride
  7. A Stupid Song
  8. When Love And Hate Collide

Fairytales (2005)Edit

Skylark - Fairytales
  1. Music
  2. First Night
  3. A Rose In Her Hand
  4. Lions Are The World
  5. I'm The Evil
  6. Moonlight Shadow
  7. Little Red Riding Hood
  8. Love
  9. Mt. Fuji (Long Version) (Japanese bonus track)

Divine Gates Part III: The Last Gate (2007)Edit

Skylark - Divine Gates Part III- The Last Gate
Divine Gates Part III: The Last Gate
  1. Intro
  2. The Scream
  3. Soul Of The Warrior
  4. Dying Inside
  5. Hurricane
  6. Believe In Love
  7. All Is Wrong
  8. Time
  9. The Heaven Church (New Version)
  10. A Story Not To Tell

Twilights of Sand (2012)Edit

Skylark - Twilights of Sand
Twilights of Sand
  1. The Tears Of Jupiter
  2. Tobe! Glendizer
  3. The Princess and Belzebú
  4. She
  5. Love Song
  6. Tears
  7. Lions Are The World
  8. The Wings Of The Typhoon
  9. Sands Of Time
  10. Mystery Of The Night
  11. Road To Heaven
  12. Believe In Love
  13. Follow Your Dreams
  14. Eyes

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Bridges Are Burning
  2. Carrying You
  3. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)
  4. Feverish
  5. I Feel For You
  6. I Will Be There
  7. Just One Word (To Fall In Love)
  8. Light (Act 1)
  9. Light (Act 2 Intro)
  10. Light (Act 2)
  11. Light (Act 3)
  12. Light (Act 4)
  13. Little Girl (Intro)
  14. Long Way To Go
  15. Night Of Pain
  16. Santa Fe
  17. Shot Through The Heart
  18. The Hardest Part Is The Night
  19. The Kiss That Never Happened
  20. The Run Towards The Sun
  21. さんぽ
  22. とべ!グレンダイザー
  23. マジンガーZ
  24. 会いたかった
  25. 君をのせて
  26. 残酷な天使のテーゼ
  27. 離したくはない

Additional information

Band members:
  • Ashley Ann Watson - vocals
  • Roberto "Brodo" Potenti - bass guitar, guitar
  • Eddy Antonini - keyboard, piano, harpsichord
Record labels:

MetalArchives MetalKingdom SpiritOfMetal DarkLyrics Spotify 16

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