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Rise and Decay

This song is by Skyfire and appears on the album Esoteric (2009).

Invested everything in expectations
Gave away it all
Infested is the outcome
But still it's craving for more

Consideration is
What is feeding it
An everlasting
Stream of doubt
Degenration process
Is commencing
And it is taking its toll

Rise and decay
There is no escape
We should pay the price

In times like these
Diminished in a second
The warning came to late
Without reaching it's final destination where
wanting caution for life
like a stab in the back
digging out, everyone cheer

Supressed, really?
What is there more to see?

It was just an illusion

glancing with an empty stare
i just cannot believe
focus attention
this is for real, this is now
by now there is no turning back
ones need is the others greed
no one walks away, from this alive

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