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Healing Yesteryear

This song is by Skycamefalling and appears on the album 10.21 (2000).

Just leave me hear, just let me lie here for a moment to watch all of my dreams collapse before me because it's these exact seconds I have yearned to pass. Still I am waiting for the sun only to welcome the rain as it falls across my face, like the regrets of yesterday as they begin to fade away. And someday we may rise up in the hearts of those we once loved as picture perfect memories, I can no longer hold your hand so torn from all misery. The last sun that I'll ever see, again. Can we ever hold words to close to us? To silently let go of all we once were. As you try to close your eyes and remember what it used to be like. Can I hide myself forever from shame again? Reaching out for your hand, still grasping nothingness. I'm clenching the ground on hopes I won't fall, I am slipping further from the hands of forever. And when you feel the cold rain against your warm heart, maybe we'll both be in tears or maybe I'll learn, that I'm sorry cannot change on single thing, hidden behind the thoughts of yesteryear. Love once taken with each grain of salt. And I'll stare straight into the sun.

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