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This song is by Sky Walker and appears on the album Sky Walker (2005).

The mark of the bite punctures the skin imprisoning you to him
Embodied with hate, he thrives off our hurt
You're the echo of his curse
Please send us a saint
He's covered our eyes and has left us petrified
Questioning if we've been mislead all our lives
Have you been saved or have you been sacrificed shedding all forms of belief
In the end there's no hero to save us now
So where do we go? What's at stake besides the one inside your heart? Soon limitless pain will break through the veil like cancer consumes the cell
His violin screams out at me
He fed off our cries and has left us paralyzed suffocating in a world full of lies
I'm staggering on to flee the craze
I'm holding on tight to my faith

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