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The Spider

This song is by Sky Walker and appears on the album Sky Walker (2005).

So much I've kept inside, so much I want to say
This pen's the gun and it's pointed at your face
For all the times you've made me feel so small
I'm better off without you, and I'm better too
You say to grow up and get out of the past but he still has the scratches left on his back
The act replays inside my head
And still he tastes of both your sweat
My imagination is far worst
Your knees are filthy with the dirt
Sing the song of lust you do it best
She's the spider
Your lipstick bleeds upon his chest
She's the spider
Sing someone else's name, sing to me
I've heard it times before, I'll hear it times again
We'd still be fine if it wasn't for your friends
I never knew breaking hearts looked so cool
But then I never thought I'd hear it come from you
I hoped you liked to teach and show our favorite ways so that he knows
Sing the song of love you do it worst
Don't hold your breath I did it first

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