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This song is by Sky Walker and appears on the album Sky Walker (2005).

If light disappears in the shadows then why keep those shadows in your life
Her eyes tell the story of affair
Bruised black and blue no one hears
Effectuate tapered hate that way no one will know
Left exposed in the notes that you don't dare to show
Each break of day is the same never ending disease
Why can't you just let me breathe? I am blind, I'm afraid, I can't feel
My world doesn't seem to heal
This is plain, black and white
All alone, I am numb, this is cold
Alive with the withered soul
You're my pain, I'm your drug
The things that he says burn the ears
Your trust in him starts to veer
Distorted words leave all these blisters on her tongue
Another tragedy we've become
Relocate all the traits that I valued in you
It's been some time since I lied and I didn't feel used
It's cynical, feel the pull and it drives me insane
I think I'm through with these games

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