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Orange And Gray

This song is by Sky Walker and appears on the album Sky Walker (2005).

Pastels of orange and gray colors make options critical to the illusions in LA
This boring substance silenced my vice
Along came brighter light hovering into my eyes
I saw through the wave, and the storm bends to fade
I fell into the rave
I heard the city sigh in vain
Inspired by its mountain face
I fell into the fate
The fall of evil yells invade
In spite of all the bravery made
I'm in a dampen phase
The fad of life takes flight again
I'm sober? That's insane! We're all drunk for the maimed
There's something in my eye, and it's generously tied under beauty's fling where there's no suffering
I've been lifted from the prey
I've been learning how to tolerate this swollen tangled life we've made
There are so many words to say to describe the colors orange and gray
It's hard to say the world is sane
I saw through the wave

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