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Mixed Emotions

This song is by Sky Walker and appears on the album Sky Walker (2005).

Full of mixed emotions, I'm departing from the clone
Awaken from the black side of my fluorescent life
Repeating all the white in a shadow full of sly passion
Soon this beautiful mind of ambition will collide into this September life that's fretting all the ends
I'm lost and I'm drowning
I'm caught in a profound world full of mixed emotions
I'm departing from the clone
Is this where I want to be? Then slowly after depart I aimed for Saturn's ring
The only white within is now lacking self esteem
This parade of lights must end, and the first step is to breathe
There's a heroic villain that haunts through your eyes it's what causes temptation to fall out of mind
Then once you hit bottom the beauty appears
It's finally clear
I'll soon say that nothing's wrong as if this relationship's strong
It's a fever sent to meet the black side infecting me

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