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In These Eyes

This song is by Sky Walker and appears on the album Sky Walker (2005).

The sound of the ocean has kept me awake
And the fire in the sky hasn't come out to play
I remember that moment like the back of my hand as I lost my way in the stars
And it's time that is seeming to push me away
And it's time that is forcing all of us to stay
Is it wrong that I'm happier here? When I'm not I seem to disappear
I could stay in these eyes forever
And I hope not to be found
I could stay in these eyes forever
So I'll keep my feet on the sand
And I'll stay here stuck in this feeling I wish wouldn't end
Her scent is intriguing as it's drawing me near
You can look but can't touch
I'm all ears I remember that moment, I remember that smile
For the first time I felt alive
And they say that it's better than falling in love
But who says that they're fine when they fall out of luck
And now I have nothing left to lose, nor I have nothing left to prove
Dig through the shells to find there's something white
We'll stay here entwined to make it last through the night

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