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Every Word

This song is by Sky Walker and appears on the album Sky Walker (2005).

Fate led us to where we've come to be
And now I'm lost in what she saw in me
I've held my breath and dove right in
And though I've sunken low, you still let me in
I think we've lost our way home
I've never felt more alone
All the days I wanted this to last
We were kids who fell in love to fast
Even though I live each day feeling like I'm dead
I want you to know I meant every word
Every word I said
Fallen short of where I aimed this at
The arrow fell too far for us to take it back
I've got the hint that I should leave
I guess I've learned to not where my heart on my sleeve
You say its better this way
I'll mute the things that I'd say
It's a black hole from within
It's how I get under your skin
It's finding out how much I'm lost
I'm finding out how much falling in love would cost

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