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This song is by Sky Walker and appears on the album Sky Walker (2005).

I should have seen this coming, giving in to pressure
And you're feeling out of place so you rely on it to get away
With every breath that's taken deep your worst concerns are hid beneath
A cloud of haze that leaves you high and dry
You try to break free but dilate the worst of things
Your world goes up in flames
Don't try to fake it you know you'll never make it when you live a life that's laced with pain
The change is hard to miss
It's painfully obvious
This craving has swallowed you
There's nothing left for you to hold on to
The piercing sound inside your head can't mute the volume peaking red
You're hanging on the edge of what you can't escape
Scratched at the surface all innocence has scabbed
Cross out the eyes what's been said has turned to sad
Why don't you come down and this time stay

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