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A Forgotten Paradise

This song is by Sky Walker and appears on the album Sky Walker (2005).

Why'd you ever call out my name?
Why'd you ever put on my first Band-Aid?
Why'd you ever tell me that I made you proud every day?
I see that you have found what you want

The more I see you happy the more I'm not
When you're buried underground people tend to forget you're even there
A wisecrack, I can't pronounce that right off the tip of my tongue
You domesticated me in a clear bottle full of my blood

Stop pretending... Stop repeating... It's hard to stay strong
Your bones feel so alone... I see that you were working a job
Now I see your retirement's my flaw
It's hard to lose a friend over something you had no control of

Forgiveness swarms around in my head
There's a paradise within and it seems so dead
Who knows if there's a white bird to win
Stop pretending you don't need this

Stop repeating her pale face
It's hard to stay strong
When you die your bones feel so alone
There's so much to live for

But sometimes the world may sting
Oh there's a torn in my hollow chest and I almost feel it

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