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Sapphire In Eyes

This song is by Sky Reflects Amber.

(I am nothing to you)
I can see it in your eyes
Where I should be is emptiness, (a void)
(I know you are unsure)
I can feel it in your hear
But I assure you that this is right, close your (eyes)
And let your body feel
How beautiful you are
For this could be (the last time) that we see
This feeling is too real, (this is too real)
This sunrise keeps you here
And you reflect the light (reflect the light)
In your sapphire (eyes)
(I want to) see your face again, (one last time)
(I want to) let your heart depend on me, (But I'm)
Afraid of another accident
Afraid of what might happen next
(I don't want to lose you)
My sun is about to set
Don't waste your tears on emptiness
Just remember (who you are)

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