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Into The Sky

This song is by Sky Reflects Amber.

Take a chance and let yourself take another breath
For tonight could be your last, to move on from the past
So let me take you away from your problems and just rest
Experience the light, to shine upon your bloodshot eyes
Is this too read, can you believe this is happening?
Because yes, this is happening to you, yes you
Do you trust me? Do you feel safe between my arms?
You make me feel alive, after all those lonely nights
Where I just tried to hide away from reality
What can this mean? That you and I are meant to be?
And wings of love can fly away into the sky
To just leave this world and fly into the sky
And sill we sit upon the ground, listening to every sound
Because we know that nothing can hurt us now
We smile because we know that we have changed, our lives have been rearranged
Because what we want is perfection for each other, like no other
And after my last breath is taken
Please remember my love's makin'
You feel like you are invincible
SO as my heartbeat fades away
I'll always love you every way
So remember me for my undying faith
To you, my life forever stays
Alive until you turn away
From yourself

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