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This song is by Sky Fears The Earth.

She said, "we're not the same you can't love me or you, so please just go,"
I said, "maybe just this once we can try to get by,"
She said, "no I can't get hurt again, we could try to be friends but no, not like this,"
So I turned around and ran away and never looked back no, not once, not once
She said, "don't try to talk to me again, please don't try,"
So it was goodbye, not a see ya later, it was goodbye to those jaded eyes, the jaded eyes that I made

Needless to say I been thinkin' about you a little more than I probably should,
'Cause it's been a year and I haven't missed you any less than I did on day one.

See there's this new girl I'm still getting used to, she's not you, but I guess she'll do for now, 'cause I miss your scent, you're not coming back, I mind as well get used to this as it is, 'cause it's not gonna change for me.

Super-jumbo valentine card behind my couch I'll never throw away, 'cause I'm looking for things that remind me of you and holding to them as tight as I can

I'll forget it all swear to god, you're dead to me, dead to me.
Move on, you're just like the rest, I didn't mean for it to turn out like this.

Where are you, where are you now, are you happy without me
I'm singing to bring you back it's not working
But I'll never give up on this, or what I love
I'm singing to bring you back it's not working,
But I'll never give up on you or what I love.

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