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Dreaming Small

This song is by Sky Fears The Earth.

The days are getting darker, I think I'm getting old
The clouds are moving on, I think they've forgotten what they mean to me
The seasons decay, they are lost forever but they help me to see
What I've become, and what I've thrown away, and what I'll never be.

I think I'll go home, and see my family,
Because it's all I want is to have them here with me,
Turn the channel 'cause I'm sick of watching the same catastrophe, play out in front of me.

It's just another picture, laying on my floor
'Cause what's another heartbreak, what's one more
All our letters are all in shreds, they're all together they're all dead
I couldn't save them, no not again, 'cause it's not even worth it, to look at them

So tonight, I'll drink myself to sleep 'cause it's not the first time that this has happened to me, this is my remembrance to what was never there.

How long can I go on

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