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​Vanishing Like The Fear In Our Eyes

This song is by Sky Falls Down.

Lifetime defined by the endless search for love.
Hearts go blind by staring too long in its rays.
Design refined by the ceaseless ceasing of romance.
Bulbs burnt out from bing left lit ignored for days.
Escape this wait, it won't go away.
A wilderness within our hopes with no path.
Ripped apart emotions; bleeding from the motions.
Sky flying high above with our hopes in the clouds.
Could never be a shower of love.
Then our hearts shrivel from the constant yearn--
The want of love.
Jaded by our fears.
Stepped on and crushed broken--
Lies we've spoken.
To be your one and fall in love,
I'll shed my skin of all that's past.
The fear within our eyes must fade away.
This is risk.
This is trying.
This is my try a second time.