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​By Frost Come Fire

This song is by Sky Falls Down.

Tribal culture killed by the modern man.
Corporate profit preys upon
The powerless across the globe
With avaricious pride.
Conscience caged in cells of separation,
Locking out feelings of desecration.
We ignore what will disturb.
Time has come to sow the seeds of solution
In the hopes that they will bloom revolution in our minds.
Generations raised on the genocide of generations
Raped by white lies.
We're fed with flag wrapped round our eyes.
We must not forget what they want forgotten.
By denying them a voice we silence ourselves.
Silence equals nothing.
By frost come fire to cleanse the ground
Of all the blood spilled in futile wars.
Their vision of domination
Must be blinded by resistance to their greed.
By frost come fire to burn down their palces.
Reject it.
Don't buy it.