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This song is by Sky Cries Mary and appears on the album Small Town (2007).

(Some muffled words in the beginning)

Rainfall, drip so close
Fucked you, slipping pour
No, I need no engine fine (slipping whole)
If only I could clear my mind

Sun describe, I fly by
Stuck wait, ...
Stared at the sun till I couldn't see (Love meet life)
Heard your voice calling back to me
You've talked me blue ... (Love make life)
Chain of magic, never seen you again

(More muffled words, lol idk)

Glistering shine, gold white eyes
Street gold, days fly by
Only currency worth a dime (taste my blood)
Here's the hours of your love
If only I could stop moving ... (taste ...)
Maybe someday not too deep I will

Rainfall, (just fly)
Rainfall, (just fly)
Rainfall (know I'd need you just fine)
Rainfall (If only I could clear my mind)