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Skyline Drive (Part Iii)

This song is by Sky's The Limit.

Sometimes I run
But I'm not afraid
Why must you bring up all mistakes I've made
She makes me smile
You come around
The wind in her hair reflects the sunset
I see you make it seem like it was yesterday
But we've come a long way,
Out of the rain
I search for answers
But still find nothing at all
Why can't i
Why must you say I've made a mess of things
I won't believe it
I feel like I'm dancing on air tonight
I'll make it right
I'll make it right
Pull into another station and get more fuel
What will I do sometimes
I drive or ride with my eyes closed tight
'Cause if the skyline looks this way
Then I don't want to sleep tonight
(Never giving in always seeking light we must always try try with all our might)

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