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80's Mellow Drone

This song is by Skunk Anansie and appears on the Single Charlie Big Potato (1999).

Tall button Kid
He's shagging off without ya
Where voices talk
But luckily for him
He has his lover
In a box full of dreams
A good place

When he's on his own
His 80s mellow drone
Let him feel so fatalistic
And nothing's taken in
Since money's there to win
And his flailing arms have gone ballistic
For 80s mellow drone
When he's on his own

Sly ? girls
Could tempt him from his hairbrush
Now barely hot
Come watch the cowlick burn
Down, broke and hearing
Winding up with Whitney
Now he's home

When he's on his own
When he's on his
On his own


Written by:

Len Arran & Skin

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