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The Set Up

This song is by Skull Duggery and appears on the album These Wicked Streets (1998).

(Feat. Mia X)

(Skull Duggery)
Uh, what's happenin' Mia baby?
It's your nigga Skull Duggery.
Me and you together, we bout to tell 'em about the set up and the trap.
Feel me.

I'm the evolution of the Lord, the Lord made me in his own image
What, I'm gonna ball never fall
See, I'm tryin' to elevate the mind rate
I'm a man, I'm tired of this shit, I'm tryin' to get some ends in this situation that I'm in
Black women don't even know a black man
They gonna make it from am to am, 'cause we hustlin
Tryin' to do it but the police they are bustin' in
It's just a set up

It's a set up, a trap
That's why we act the way we act
They see us in Lexuses, Town houses, Benzes and Navs
Mama Mia, what you think of that
(Mia X)
Naaah, they don't like that [x2]

(Mia X)
I'm all by myself tryin' to raise my family
Knowing wasn't easy being both mommy and daddy
But I got down on my knees, and I prayed father please
Lift this weight up off my shoulders, whey them devils tryin' to hold us down
'Cause they wanna playa haters crown since the beginning
Travel on gods earth with the intention of sinning
Spilling innocent blood and conquering all the land
But most of all trying to kill the black women and man
Seperation keeps the household in disarray
That's been in effect since the days of slavery
Now all my sisters tryin' to hold their head
And all my brothers locked down tryin' to count their days
And all our babies wonderin around tryin' to find their way
And everybodys gotta hustle 'cause we tryin' to get paid
But for every cheddar knocked there's a road block
When it's goin' stop, y'all we gotta keep fightin for the top
I want the pot of gold and the rainbow, I'm lettin my people know
Hold your ground firm through the setup don't let go

(Skull Duggery)
Another black man strugglin, it's somethin' strange or I'm wonderin
To me, how a black man can kill another black on these city streets
I imagine, how you do it, will you kill me
Feel me, I'm not scared, check it
Do you close your eyes when you scream
Do you hollar up the hallway, I'm comin' nigga
It's somethin', I wonder how you play hard
Makin' coke and heroin substance, yo God
Now check it, little girls see you smokin', the boys wanna be you
Why you wanna tell this shit to me, what you wanna do
I see niggas like you every day
Fallin' prey to your own way, it's just a setup

(Skull Duggery)
Know what I mean?
It's like that.
Y'all better watch y'all back.
Them chumps ain't playin'.
You know who I'm talkin' about, you know what the real is.
Ya feel me.
It's a trap baby.
Mia what you tell em.

(Mia X)
It's a trap y'all, it's a trap y'all
I said it's a trap y'all, It's a trap y'all
It's a trap y'all, it's a trap y'all
You better watch them, you better watch them
They don't like that
It's a trap y'all, it's a trap y'all
It's a trap y'all, it's a trap y'all
I'm tellin' y'all 'bout the setup
It's a trap y'all, it's a trap y'all
They don't like that, they don't like that

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