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White Rider

This song is by Skrewdriver and appears on the album White Rider (1987).

You ride through the streets with your head held up high
For your flag and your country you're willing to die
Your forefathers fought and your forefathers died
They died for a feeling they felt deep inside

Ref: White rider, white rider, your strength is your pride
White rider, white rider, you'll stand, never hide
White rider, white rider, your flag is your voice
You scorn the conscripted, you're fighting through choice

Your flags are unfolded, salute them with love
To fight for your race is a gift from above
Some fools will oppose you, true men will stay loyal
But the victory shall be ours for the blood and the soil

You feel love for your people, disdain for the fools
The enemy's led by the zionist's tools
You fight for your race which shall be proud and free
And the only reward that you crave is victory

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