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When The North Wind Blows

This song is by Skrewdriver and appears on the album Freedom What Freedom (1992).

For far too long, we've let our enemies knock us to the floor
No one cares to lift a hand, until the knock is on their door

We've gotta stop Red infiltration, in all our motherlands
We gotta stand up for our nation
Stop them Reds, the future lies in our hands

Cobwebs have all gathered, they now obscure the view
Majorities are in a trance, and the fight's left to the few

When the north wind blows, the doubts will linger no longer
When the north wind blows, the message makes us stronger
When the north wind blows, the chill breeze brings us strength
When the north wind blows, there's no more sitting on the fence

The Marxists are all crowing, they think they've won the fray
Even rich men's governments all listen to what they say

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