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Red flags are burning

This song is by Skrewdriver and appears on the live album Live & Kicking (1991).

Red flags, may day, there's got to be a better way
Red tanks, mass graves, red liars always get their say
The only good commie is a dead commie
Its about time we learned
The only time our people are going to taste freedom
Is when the last red flag is burned.

Red flags are burning, burning, white pride unfurled
Red flags are burning, burning, all across the world

Selling papers, telling lies, supplying mother Russia
With ready made spies
Total evil, unwashed, trying to tell our people
That we've already lost
Defeatists say that we can't cope
They'll meet justice at the end of a rope
Red traitors, Marxist scum
They'd love to see our country be overrun

In the media, the left wing,
Promoting all their poison about everything
ITV BBC and Channel 4, anyone would think
We're in the USSR,
We are wrong, they are right
If somebody attacks us we must never fight
Well listen commie, and listen well
You're gonna end up in your own red hell!

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