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This song is by Skream and appears on the album Skream! (2006).

[Howard Marks (Narrator)]: Now we've reached the hour of spliff politics. It's the time of the night when everyone knows who's got a spliff, and in which direction it's going. See Casey, in the hood? He doesn't know Herbie, the kid skimming up next to him. But to get a toke, he's got to start up some bullshit conversation, and keep it going, until he gets passed the spliff.
[Casey]: Smells, like, so bad to me. Can't afford a bit of solid.
[Marks]: Now look at Herbie's face. He knows what's up. He's just hoping Casey will run out of steam so that he can pass the spliff to his mate, Felix. But Casey's determined to keep on going.
[Casey]: I grows my own shit, too.
[Marks]: He's got to be clever, to get in there. Just a few more laps to go. Casey's doing well. He's using all his best anecdotes, and Herbie now seems quite engaged in the conversation. Felix is trying to get acknowledged.
[Felix]: Yeah, man. Fucking homegrown... homegrown.
[Casey]: Yeah, man, that homegrown shit's good, man.
[Marks]: But it's not working.
[Felix]: Ah, I just remembered, man. Millsy's coming down next week with some tie. Go out and hoof it, man.
[Marks]: Wow! Look at Casey's face! Now it looks like it's all been a waste of time and energy.
[Casey]: Millsy? Millsy from Routh?
[Herbie]: Yeah!
[Marks]: But he counters!
[Casey]: Oh, I knows Millsy from down Silhouette.
[Marks]: It's neck and neck here, at the last lap!
[Girl]: Hello, my little space kitten.
[Herbie]: Fucking hell!
[Girl]: Give us a toke on that.
[Marks]: Boomshanka! An interception! But that's always the chance you take...

(The dialogue in this song is sampled from a scene in the 1999 movie Human Traffic. The preceding is a transcription of that dialogue. The dialogue contains many slang words, which are maintained in the transcription, but proper grammar and punctuation are used for clarity.)

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