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Super Hoe

This song is by Skitzofreniks.

Its like you know what I'm sayin huh huh
Yo E (uh huh)
I really knocked the boots on them two big butt females last night
Im on my way to [???] to find two more
Know what I'm sayin

Charlie Bawles had em all.....he is a superhoe
Eddie Bones had em all........he is a superhoe
Charlie Bawles had em all.....he is a superhoe
Eddie Bones had em all........he is a superhoe

Yo yo, yo I rock it like Herbie Hancock did
I got chicks to let me knock it between your titties like a locket
Wanna talk shit, better turn around and walk quick
You know I got shit that burns broad like its toxic

Chemical spills man this is still skills and ill feels
Broads on pills spills on grills and ??
Go up and down the spine, flip over when it's poundin time
And if the ass is round its mine, get me drunk I'm bound to shine
In astounding time, clownin time
If the pussy stinks like the flounder kind
After me your drowning, im a skins wreckin
Lips stretchin with the rear dressed
On the kitchen sink, stickin pink ??? in midsections
Checks in the place on pops and barley
Ill probally be beatin up the beaver like walley
Later on when I be skatin on like the red wings
Into head and wet things, trying to break your bed springs
Check swings and episode, the real name, never told, never known
Probally wreck your flow being respectatble, so no info
Pimpin pros keep it simple, hoes, ???, and nymphos
Bros chase ass and dimples yo
None of that my thunderclap keeps em coming back
Once Im done with that, reach in your pocket, take my number back
Cause Im a tramp, tramp, whatcha call me...haha
Champ, champ whatcha call me yo


I freak nasty, bone moanin like Naster P, this shits ?????
You dont wanna go after me, I smash ass rapidly
Whip you with your belt and chastity, your no match for me
So I pass to E

When the topic is sex, the softer the breast
The harder Im gonna knock it when it's off the dress
Right on top of the desk, she droppin a sweat
Quite often I keep it rockin, till she stopped in her breath
And when Im brought to the test its guaranteed or your money back
If you really want your honey back
Bring a money sack, its funny black
Girls send me letters in stacks
But forget bout Will Smith, cause I look better in black
And I sound better on track
So bob your head to the fact
And jada I saranade her take a sweater and slacks
Put her head on the mat, pumpin lead from the back
Til it's early, man your girly and she said I'm the mack
Like greg with the third leg, you know I get down
Puttin flava in ya ear fo the whole year round
Yea the first time I hit it she called me the champ
But now that I ain't committed yea she said I'm a tramp
Cause I'm a...


Remember you are what you are
And remember I am what I am
And remember to let us into your skin
Id rather busta nut then busta cap

Yo I wet the rubber, freakin broads like Heather Hunter
Get the number, let ya slumber, catch a hummer, then I dump ya
And wonder why honeys like you be gettin vets
Then you step to the next
With Charlie Bawles sex the best
Your blessed with one night hope you livin it up
Cause life a short flight all ya gettin is nuts
Ain't no presents or gifts when ya get with the Skitz
Checkmark stretchin your lips, then I'm jettin with Chris
Cause yo



Charlie Bawles
Eddie Bones

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