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CMon Dude!?!

This song is by Skitzofreniks.

The fuckin' Heiny... with the salami... in yo mommy... ooh

Yo yo, yo.
Eddie Bones flav... the bone collector...
Charlie Bawles in the place
With my man Mic Styles set it off yo...

(Mic Styles)
I freak flows then peep mamasitos
Got more peoples than Belke got back on Mepos
Mic Styles, yes siree it be me bro
Peep me and my team we in a bean like burritos
I need beats bro to keep flows unique yo
Roll dumb blondes like drunk bums roll to peep shows
We defeat those emcees thinkin' that they sweet yo
Your skills are ass, the bills ya pass gettin' vetoed
Ya miss your freethrows, it came short like Dan DeVito
And we ain't bout to let you off the hook like Lance Ito
Keep those words out your ?mouth under? Benzito
I peeped your Geo gettin' a deto- from repo
Gee bro, you must not know bout how we go
I love a party mix, gimme some chips with my Cheetos
And Chex too, just like the next dude
Our shit is in effect dude, 'cause our shit affects you

Yo, ya think your flow rocks!?! C'mon dude!?!
Ya think your halls hot!?! C'mon dude!?!
Ya think you smoke pot!?! C'mon dude!?!
Ya wanna blow a cock!?! C'mon dude!?!

(Charlie Bawles)
Charlie's angles, obtuse grammar, while dudes slander-
The man swingin' nuts that gives ya goose planters
Anti truce granter, crack a bruce banner
Give your crew four black eyes like two pandas
Confused scanner, miss the gift and shoot Santa
Y'all bang little thangs like a deuce deuce hammer
True scammer, like a news group spammer
No time for fam, I'm makin' moves then a...
I'm on my own shit the man you're a true fan of
You stay on my ass whoop you'll get a full can of
Flip letters in ways that'll amuse Vanna
Skitzofreniks rule banners all over your school...
Fan the enemy, pretend to be cool, ya dudes planter
Ask stupid questions, expect a rude answer
Bite my crew stances end up with tooth cancer
'Cause when we black out, you're assed out like nude dancers

Yo, ya think you got game!?! C'mon dude!?!
Like I won't take your dame!?! C'mon dude!?!
Yo, thanks for the chain. C'mon dude!?!
You know the fuckin' name! C'mon dude!?!
Try to step to Ed Bones!?! C'mon dude!?!
Mom's on the phone!?! C'mon dude!?!
Tryin' to ride the bone!?! C'mon dude!?!
You need to leave the mic alone! C'mon dude!?!

What?! Eddie Bones in the place...
Edwardo Bone-es
Charlie Bawles. Charlitos Huevos
Eddie Bones on the beat
Micitos Stylitos
My man Mic Styles in the place
Butter beats, settin it off. C'mon dude!?!
Yo, yo, yo, yo, lemme tell you like this here
We drinkin' beers!

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