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Nolia Clap (Remix)

This song is by Skip.

(Feat. Juvenile, Wacko)

Uh huh Remix... Remix...

Wacko, Juvenile, Skip!

Where H-town at... ATL at... Miami, Lil Haiti, Lauderdale at...

Y'all hear dat Nolia clap?
Y'all hear dat Nolia clap?

I say da you gon do dey thing wodie please believe
If not we'll make it hard for you cowards to breave
One thing about a ghost, keeps sh* up a sleeve
Juve and skip attack the boards, while I plug 'em wit 3's

Every stash spot I got, I stuff it wit g's
Don't need a chain or a whip to snatch me a freak...
I'd rather ride around in my hooptie blowin' on trees
With two heaters in my lap... bumpin 400 degreez

I 'on rock wit juvenile. what clown? datz my dawg...
Say dat sh* again I'll wack all y'all.
Get on some bo? sh*...smack all y'all
Prolly get on dat rob sh*...crack all y'all

I neva talk sideways I put ya on da highway
Have ya sweatin in da chicken coop like smokey off Friday
Catch ya in da nolia have ya runnin' down da driveway
Tryna bring ya down ? Yippe Ka Yay

Where da Bay at... to dat 'lay at

Where dem teks, where dem 9's, where dem k's at

West coast what's up, west side what's up

Where NY at..., NJ at, Philly philly, DC, VA at

East coast whassup, east side whassup

I'm straight hollygrove ya know dat
But I'm ol' skool, fisher projek like a throwback
Now I told you now you know dat
You ain't welcome here, you ain't see I'm Gone on my doormat
So stupid why... you ain't abide by dat
If I catch you on my porch, you gon die by dat
Right there, by them leaves... you can lie by dat
On side of dat dog doo doo, you can dry like dat
Cause this is payback for anyone who eva said dat
Look, I'm safe wit this vest... Gon get his head packed
Or get his face slashed, get his neck jooked
Look in my face... this how death look
If ya deaf look, I won't play witcha
Gun talk is all I'm gonna say to ya
So learn to read lips... cause see we tripz
Every time dat alk and dem trees mix

Where da Row at, Interscope at... Choppa City, Universal, Cut Throat at...

Where my pimps wassup, all my playaz wassup

Where UTP at, Crime Lab at, Rap A Lot, DTP, Aftermath at

All my souljas wassup, all my gangstas wassup

We from the dirrty dirrty ya heard me ya shoot and get shot from under the department line we
Bout as long as ya block I travel all over the states been in some serious spots carzy not
Knowing if them people gon' kill me or not all that booting up and stunnin and gon get you no where
If you ain't bout shooting them subs don't even go there if you scared show you scraed and put ur sets
Down we ain't got a way lookin' for beef you can go away now gotta holla at ?? survival these
People be my people hook me up with some prada clap for a PM calp for a bbenz and if you clap right
Here ill give you twenties and tens 3rd ward got money
We got plenty to spend quit spending on transportation we got plenty of them
Yeah this is big buisnes right here rap-a-lot utp 2004 put ur u's up

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