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Little Man (Part 2)

This song is by Skinnyman and appears on the album Council Estate of Mind (2004).

(Out of this room, out of this place, you know; back into the world.
It's your fuckin' world mate, not mine, you can stick it up ur arse, I don't wan' it!)

Now you bin tru the worst years, jail for years
And had to come face 2 face with the worst of your fears
Seen blood shed and sweaty old soldiers shed tears
If you cudn't stand the bang up with the maddest, the brers
Let 'em hang up, slit your wrist, nobody cares
Did you ever feel that there was duppies round you every where?
Dats rite blud, Ru gna take your life blud?
There's no beta place and tonites the night blud
Before you tie your neck on that pipe blud
Jus pass all your tings out the window, and swing 'em to the right blud
Rite blud?
Fuckin' wid dis ting called life blud
I've never bin the one whose ever bin the rowdy type blud
From I was a nut gettin' bust, I had to fight blud
And I can't see myself tryna giv up on life blud
Not light blud
I really wana see the light blud
I mean I wana fix up, and make tings rite blud
Now I wana fix my life blud
I mean I wana make tings rite blud
And see dat light blud.

(Well, those are your options, and you've created 'em, you've brought it all upon yourself...
Before you kick another door down, or you kick another chef in the bollocks)

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