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Grave Wisdom

This song is by Skinny Puppy and appears on the album Too Dark Park (1990).

dry wind chars human storm lies barren wasted
greed taints water thirst dream the asphalt burial

daylight meltdown long gone
death grabs at stillborn child
another low test pesticide

not until they are dead believe in words attaching dread
no meaning
color world of different levels
no chance to rectify

nightmare running races skyward
towers boil black water tea
contagious waste disposal growing
blind faith a tragedy propagate safe history
blind faith a tragedy propagate safe history

not until they are dead
not until they are dead listen
not until they are dead

Sample: you are in very serious trouble.

creatures running underground
all the cages rusted
displaced food bowl, empty now
fit for the licking

faces form memory
blind faith stupidity
races run secretly
blind faith a tragedy

not until they are dead
stop breathing fleas attach themselves
biting bits of flesh consuming words once hated
words are shit contracting the disease

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