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This song is by Skinny Jean and appears on the album Dolce Doggerel (2009).

Butterflies and their friends
They all laugh and they pretend
To be dead as night, dead as night in the noontime
Pesky birds they build their nests
With ribbons tied around their chests
You ask them how they're going; they seem just fine

I'm a time bomb
Steer away from
Steer away from me, girl

My body is numb; anaesthetised
Chubby and dead; I get surprised
When I touch my arm to find that it's not there
This anhedonia is like flies
Aimed at wisps of bee-line skies
Just beating against the glass and going nowhere

I'm an atom
Split in two from
Head to toe - an explosion
Steer away from
Steer away from
Steer away from me

In the clouds lives an old man
With crooked fingers, arthritic hands
All bent from turning the rusted wheels of time
He looks down, lifts his eyebrow
My whole life seems to take a bow
Like a jester juggling adolescent paradigms

I'm the Hindenburg
You're an iceberg
Let's get together and make the grass grow
Steer away from
Veer away from
Steer away from me

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