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One Way Journey

This song is by Skiltron and appears on the album The Highland Way (2010).

Day after day, every way that I take
Is a challenge that I must face
Easier or harder, my walking is constant
I never turn back, you ll never see that

Those who don't know me
Listen to these words
One day I felt that the world
Was falling over me

That was the moment I noticed
Life's not for free
The only way to keep the marching
Is my soul, spirit and will

One way journey and no return
It seems to be the rule
So by my own blood I swear to win
Before I should leave this world

It's an unchosen contract you've signed when you were born
Call it a gift, a sentence or whatever you want
You must be smart to play well and learn

I speak with knowledge
I have been there
I know there's more to come
But now I am prepared

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