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Skillz Vs. Shaqwan

This song is by Skillz and appears on the album I Ain't Mad No More (2002).

Skillz as 'Shaqwan' (girl):
You 'bout to bounce, you goin' to work? (mm-hmm)
Aight, well, y'knahmsayin, I-I'll talk...
What - what is that, what what the fuck is this?
(Man you know I listen to this every mornin 'fore I go to work)
Man I hate that nigga man, you always listen to that nigga man
Fuck him (man why you trippin', you know we just friends)
Yeah whatever, you always say that shit
A-aight whatever, I'll just talk to you when you get off the nuts
(Man that's fine, and don't be goin' through my shit either)
Aight, Mad Skillz, 6-4-7 [dialing phone] 2-oh-...

Q - Skillz as Shaqwan, S - Skillz as Skillz:

[Q] Hello, can I speak to Skillz?
[S] Speakin'
[Q] Yo I got a problem with you fool
[S] Yo who is this?
[Q] Man we beefin
[S] What?
[Q] Fool don't front like you some kind of fuckin' star
[Q] I 'member back in the days when you had that lil' green car
[S] Yeah I had a green car, you know why? I like cash
[S] I still got it, matter of fact man you can kiss my ass
[S] Who the hell is this?
[Q] Don't worry about it
[S] Stop playin' 'Twan
[Q] Fool this ain't no 'Twan
[S] Who is this?
[Q] Man this Shaqwan
[S] What?
[Q] You don't 'member me, from East-end Richmond?
[S] Nah
[Q] I used to bar with you nigga when you was livin' 'round Whitman
[S] You know what? I don't know you for real!
[Q] Oh see that's how y'all get when y'all get a lil' muh'fuckin' record deal
[Q] Man I'm sick of you, I'm sick of your crew
[Q] You ain't representin, I coulda did better than you
[S] You know what? I meet niggaz like you e'ryday
[S] But when y'all see me out, y'all don't have shit to say
[Q] I mean y'all niggaz aight, but you ain't fuckin' with me
[Q] That goes for you, Danja Mowf, and what's that other nigga name?
[S] Lonnie B?
[Q] Yeah that nigga, y'all don't get no props
[S] Yeah whatever
[Q] On the f'real f'real man, just wait till my shit drop
[S] Yeah I'ma wait! I ain't got options
[S] And when I hear it I'ma see Big and 'Pac ballin down Hoskins
[S] I ain't got time for this high school shit
(S] You don't wanna talk to me dawg, you wanna talk to the [CLICK)
(Q] What?! This motherfucker [redialing)
[Q] This motherfucker man! Oh aight, okay
[S] Hello?!
[Q] Oh, you wanna hang up in nigga's grills?
[S] I'm sayin' you on some real bitch shit nigga, you need to chill
[Q] See y'all rap niggaz be thinkin' y'all the shit
[Q] I was with them niggaz that was [?] your lil' ass in the slip
[S] I still left with your bitch, so what you sayin'?
[Q] Whatever
[S] If you don't like the coach playa hater then what's the use of you playin'?
[S] You think you the first nigga to doubt me?
[S] Man I'm gettin' this dough, I don't give a fuck on how you feel about me
[Q] I'm sayin', how you gon' be a real MC
[Q] You don't smoke blunts, you ain't killed nobody on your CD
[S] Talkin' 'bout what you don't do is childish
[S] If I was from New York or Cali, you'd be tryin' to toss my salad
[Q] nigga fuck you~!
[S] Fuck you! What you gon' fight me?
[S] You ain't gon' do shit but see me out and talk about how you don't like me
[Q] I don't be jockin you, I'll put yo' ass under
[S] Your girl be jockin me
[Q] Shit how you figure?
[S] How you get my number?
[Q] I'm sayin', that's besides the point
[Q] Man you garbage
[S] Yeah whatever
[Q] And I ain't even buyin yo' next joint
[Q] Matter of fact, your last CD was whack
[Q] And when I see you I'ma ask for my muh'fuckin' money back
[S] Oh it's like that?
[Q] Yeah
[S] You get your money back - it's comin' with somethin' else
[Q] Yeah what's that?
[S] 13 smacks! What the fuck you want man, I'm 'bout to pull this plug
[Q] Hold up hold up hold up - I got a demo, you think you can put me on 'cause?

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