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'07 Rap Up

This song is by Skillz.

Like we always do at this time
Seein how y'all never get enough
It's Skillz and I'm back with that ('07 Wrap Up)
And this one is no walk in the park
Let me take it from the top, damn where should I start?
Well Drama got raided up and DJs got tense
And the mixtape game ain't been the same since
The White Rapper Show gave blacks an attitude
And Cam called 50 and put the clip on YouTube
CURTISSS! - More on that later
And for All-Star Weekend, everybody went to Vegas
Heh, and that was just a classic case
Of way too many black people and not enough space
Jennifer Hudson got an Oscar, give her her props
And we all sang, "This is why - This Is Why I'm Hot"
Fantasia did the Color Purple, I'm like, "Oh, really? "
I been sayin' ol' girl look just like Celie
They say Yayo slapped that lil' boy silly
Jay sold Rocawear for two hundred and fo' milli
Amy Winehouse said, "Rehab - I ain't goin' there"
I wouldn't go either if I kept my drugs in my hair
Robin Thicke song had radio lock down
And child support came after Bobby Brown (uh)
And Whitney got them divorce papers out
(Cause you can't save your man rich from Superhead's coooouch)
Heh, and Lord knows, what made that old white man
Callin young girls "nappy-headed hoes"!
(I dunno) That made err'body lose it
And now here comes the media tryna clean up the music
That war you can't win it
I don't know what was worse - Russell on "Oprah" or Cam on "60 Minutes"
Fam, the media was crazy, when Anna Nicole died
All they talked about was, "Who fathered the baby? "
We gotta wake up, yo
And please don't let your daughter go to a Akon show (NO!)
I'm movin to LA, fam
I know I can get a show if Three 6 Mafia can (maaaan!)
For most of the year
A ringtone rapper would make a hit and his carrer would disappear (uh!)
The NBA caught that gamblin ref
And we got touched by tragedy - Virginia Tech
Barry Bonds broke the record, that's up for debate
Definition of "less-than great" - Ray J.'s sex tape
Dressin like a rock star was the plan
But I'll be damned if I'm gon wear them skinny-ass jeans, man
Diddy flipped, fam; I don't know if he punched that man
But he damn sure (fired Loriaaaaanne)
Akon got the boot from Verizon - (uh!)
Eve got knocked for drunk-driving
And don't play, you was in the car singin'
"'Ella, 'ella, ey, ey"
Ay - Paris Hilton got sent off
You thought your TV was broke when The Sopranos went off
"A Bay-BAY, " that tune was crazy
I'm thinkin', "Dude - couldn't you get a sitter for your baby? "
Blame it on bad nerves
Cause 50 and Lupe got on stage and forgot the words, heh
The Spears family is buggin
Brittney goes crazy, now her sister's got a bun in the oven?!
Kells and Usher was datin the "Same Girl"
Then Usher married the chick, I'm like, "What in the WORLD?! "
Kelly Rolland falls, and y'all think it's cool
Beyonce falls then y'all take it off YouTube
They flipped the game with the Jena 6
And it's a damn shame what they did to Michael Vick (uh!) (You can't kill dogs in your own backyard
But you can go to Iraq and kill whatever you want)
You got your iPhone first - yeah that's nice
But didn't you feel stupid when they dropped the price?
Foxy went to jail for the probation thing
And every other song had a verse by Lil Wayne
Yeah - he bought some heat to the game
And this might be the only song that didn't feature T-Pain
{Ooh, hold up, Skillz how that sound?
This the remix with Mr. Teddy Penderazdoun
HEY! - Tallahassee, Nappy Boy oh-WHEE! }
What's crazy is that wasn't T-Pain, that was me
Akon threw that kid offstage
And we all got caught up in 50 vs. Kanye
Good strategy guys;
Way to make one million people actually have to go to Best Buy
50 said, "If I lose, I'll stop rappin"
Well ya lost Fif', when's that gon happen? (hmm!)
Soulja Boy hit the scene, a dn I don't wanna see
(YOOOOOU!) doin' that unless (YOOOOOU!) under 18
"American Gangster" best movie to show
UGK and OutKast had the year's best video
Khaled said the best was him and me
And T.I. had a little trouble with T.I.P. (hm)
They both my homies no doubt
But until the judge say so (they both have to stay in the hoooouse)
And I ain't frontin
When I say Eye Candy of the Year - hands down, Lauren London
I'm bout to close out the song

It's sad it's so many names to say
So I send a R.I.P to those who passed away
And y'all be safe
"Robot is the Future" - welcome to two-double oh-eight

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