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'03 Rap Up

This song is by Skillz.

We got a burner Doc!
Yeah, uh, yeah, y'all know what it is, uh
Its Skillz
We back uh
I mean y'all asked for it, so I had to do it again
Knowhatimsayin? Yeah, '03, let's go

Yo, it's the S-K-I to them Double-L-Z y'all
Recappin the 2 Double-0 3 y'all
R. Kelly saved face
He wrote so many hits that we forgot about his sex case
Everybody got a hit from the king
But I ain't get the mask and the whole Pied Piper thing
Till I found out who that really is
Ain't that the dude that left town with all the little kids?
Label of the year would have to be Shady
I watched Lil Jon turn into J.D
And speakin' of attraction
Don't you get sick when you realize he hit Janet Jackson?
Da Band got a easy break
And had the whole world talkin' bout not walkin' for cheese cake
And here's the funny part
The blackout hit and you had to walk just to sit in the dark
Rappers kept fake pimpin'
And don't lie you know you like watchin Jessica Simpson
And ey'body kept eyes part flashin
Styles came home, Yayo went back in
The industry was silent
The dummy move of the year
That would be Kobe Bryant
Y'all think she lyin'?
That's the second time Kobe been on TV cryin
I'm like damn Kobe
In high school you was the man Kobe
What the hell happened to you?
Sean Paul stayed busy
They careers looked iffy
So Madonna decided to kiss Britney
That sent a shock through the city
I wasn't shocked
What would've shocked me if she kissed Missy
And the south made a come back
Note to BET I don't wanna see Bone Crusher's butt crack
Ja Rule got madder, we watched the Farrakahn special
Irv watch the Viagra
What's next? we movin on
Ey'body forgot about the girl that made the uh-oh song
50 kept stuntin
Club songs of the year Joe Budden or Pharrell with Frontin
Roc The Mic was the tour
But didn't you feel Babs and Lil Kim performin at the BET awards?
If you agree wit this one then wave your hands
Whos tired of the throwbacks and the chickenhead dance?
Okay same here
Nelly and Chingy got robbed in the same year
Shocked? I'ma say it quite clurr
When your boys in Philly man
Have his bodyguard right thurr
Labels wasn't doin' well
They put gold tickets in albums to boost the sales
And that's saddenin
'Cause if you got a gold ticket you prolly copped the CD from Bin Laden
As far as couples go they was on the hush strictly
Beyonce and Jay-Z, Vivica and 50
I told you Ben and Jen was shifty
Everybody make some noise if you went to see Gigli!
All right, okay
As far as American Idol, the winner was Clay
Pregnancy on TV was Toni Braxton
Ashanti came back lookin' like Janet Jackson
Beyonce hit the top
If you a female singer
And I ain't call your name? you flopped
Jay-Z was done
Thank God we got the ODB show on VH1
Cam'Ron made 'em think
I can't believe that dudes was walkin' around my hood in pink
Thank God I'm a southerner
'Cause you know it's over once you got the Terminator for your governor
Oukast was wil'yin
Video of the year goes to Dre Ice Cold 3000
This year was kinda lame
It's funny, the league replaced Kobe with Lebron James
The Roy Jones fight was foul
And BET don't love nobody like B2K and Bow Wow
He barely went gold fa sho
Jermaine prolly in Atlanta like I told you so
Kanye sipped the siz-yurp
Zino found a tape wit Eminem usin' the N wiz-ord
Em I doubt that you a racist kid
Thank God ya shit hit the fan the same week that Mike's did
And Mike be confused again
We don't know if he tuckin 'em in or stuffin 'em in
Question is will they nail him?
To me he don't look like LaToya, he look like Liz Taylor
Diddy ran the marathon well
Hottest show on TV hands down Dave Chappelle
These labels is sinkin
So when you say Rawkus, I say what the hell I was thinkin'?
Hottest song In Da Club by 50
And since she got the thighs out I'm lookin' at Missy
Jay tried to leave like Mike
RIP to Soulja Slim, Rerun, and Barry White
This year y'all did it fa sho
This Skillz welcomin y'all to the Double-0 4

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